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The Tenth International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory
Waseda University International Conference Center, Tokyo, Japan
December 6-8, 1999

Updated on December 1, 1999

The 10th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT'99), sponsored by the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), will be held in Tokyo, Japan during December 6-8, 1999. The conference will be jointly held with the 2nd International Conference on Discovery Science (DS'99) in cooperation with Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Area "Discovery Science".

We invite submissions to ALT'99 in all areas related to algorithmic learning theory including (but not limited to): the design and analysis of learning algorithms, the theory of machine learning,computational logic of/for machine discovery, inductive inference, learning via queries, artificial and biological neural networks, pattern recognition, learning by analogy, Bayesian/MDL/MML estimation, statistical learning, inductive logic programming, application of learning to databases and biological sequence analysis.

  • Invited Talks.

  • Invited talks will be given by
    Katharina Morik (Univ. Dortmund),
    Robert Schapire (AT&T Shannon Lab.),
    Kenji Yamanishi (NEC).
    There will be three more invited talks at DS'99 given by
    Donald Michie (Univ. Edinburgh,UK),
    Stuart Russell (Univ. California, Berkeley, USA),
    Jan M Zytkow(Univ. North Carolina, USA).

  • Submissions.
  • Authors may either e-mail postscript files of their extended abstracts to, or submit nine copies of their extended abstracts to:
    Professor Osamu Watanabe - ALT'99
    Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Tokyo 152-8552, Japan

  • Important Dates.
  • Submission Deadline: May 25, 1999.
    Notification of Acceptance: July 10, 1999.
    Camera-ready Due: August 10, 1999.

  • Format.

  • The submitted abstract should consist of a cover page with title, author names, postal and e-mail addresses, an approximately 200 word summary, and a body not longer than ten (10) pages of size A4 or 7x10.5 inches in twelve-point font.
    You may use appendices to include long but major proofs. If you submit hardcopies, double-sided printing is encouraged.

  • Policy.

  • Each submitted abstract will be reviewed by the members of the program committee, and be judged on clarity, significance, and originality. Joint submissions to other conferences (including DS'99) with published proceedings are not allowed. Papers that have appeared in journals or other conferences are not appropriate for ALT'99.
    E.M. Gold Award. One scholarship of $500US sponsored by IFIP TC 1.4 will be awarded to a student author (please mark student authors) of an excellent paper.
    Proceedings will be published as a volume in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer-Verlag, and will be available at the conference.
    Selected papers of ALT'99 will be invited to a special issue of the journal Theoretical Computer Science.

  • Conference Chair:
  • Professor Takashi Yokomori
    School of Education
    Waseda University

  • Program Committee Chair:

  • Osamu Watanabe (Titech, Japan)

  • Program Committee:

  • Nader Bshouty (Technion, Israel)
    Satoshi Kobayashi (Tokyo Denki Univ., Japan)
    Gabor Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra Univ., Spain)
    Masayuki Numao (Titech, Japan)
    Robert Schapire (ATT Shannon Lab., USA)
    Arun Sharma (New South Wales, Australia)
    John Shawe-Taylor (Univ. of London, UK)
    Ayumi Shinohara (Kyushu Univ., Japan)
    Prasad Tadepalli (Oregon State Univ., USA)
    Junichi Takeuchi (NEC, Japan)
    Akihiro Yamamoto (Hokkaido Univ., Japan)
    Rolf Wiehagen (Univ. Kaiserslautern, Germany)
    Thomas Zeugmann (Kyushu Univ., Japan)

  • Local Arrangements Chair:

  • Professor Taisuke Sato
    Department of Computer Science
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Tokyo 152-8552, Japan

  • Hotel Accomodations:

  • Rihga Royal Hotel(Banquet on December 7, 1999)

  • For more information, contact:

    ALT Homepage:
    DS99 Homepage:

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